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  • Neonz® Mockups

    We can create neon effect wall art, freestanding statues, animated business signage and neon lights that accent the presentation of artwork at exhibitions, galleries and museums. From fine art to interior decor to kids drawings, we can turn it all into LED neon or mixed media art. Upload your image or artwork or find out more about Neonz

    Email: neonooen@gmail.com

  • Neonz® Brand Awareness

    Social media influencers, gamers, and digital content creators are working hard to build their personal brands and online audiences. Neonz designers can turn your personal brand logo, monogram, slogan, hashtag, signature, or handle into a bold LED neon light. Design a worded led art today!

  • Neonz® Business Signs


    Professional designers at your finger tips. Maybe you want to have a more creative logo to attract customers to your small or large businesses. At Neonz® we specialize in creativity, we are here to help quick full out the form so that we can you started!

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Neonz® Frequently Asked Questions

Neonz® design mockup free?

Yes! We offer a free design service to our customers, providing one or more designs for your approval at no extra charge. If you have a change of mind and wish to amend or cancel your order before the sign goes into production, we will happily offer a partial or full refund. Once a custom sign order is approved and has gone into production, we are no longer able to offer a refund.

How Realistic are the mockups?

Neonz® creates amazingly realistic mockups of a neon light for names, words and logos. You can choose a background to display it on, your color and font style, and even save and send it to a friend for them to edit. Please use the form above if you would like an art, monogram, animated, or logo mockup.

Outdoor Signs

Neonz® offers a range of Outdoor Signs with an IP67 Waterproof rating. These can be made in the same range of stunning colors as our indoor signs and offer an ideal solution for outdoor use. Our exterior products are specially designed to offer the same brilliant neon glow while providing greater protection against the elements.

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