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Rental Duration: 1 Day
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Please bare in mind this is a 3 piece sign that comes with 2 extra large wings and a halo. The sign is not made into a whole,the wings are separate from each other as well as the halo.

EASY TO SET UP  ( holes at each corner, customers are allowed to use whaterver as long it doesnt damge the sign.

Usage : Perfect for a photsoot area in your event. Everyone loves to take pictures with angel wings. The light also flashes as well.

Details of this sign

Size: 5ft x 4ft

Colour: cold white ( not yellow )

The material used: Clear 1/4 inch thick Acrylic panel + Led silicone

Pick up Location

Address: 13 Jameson Crescent, Brampton

What's next after booking this sign?

You will receive an invoice at your email address, confirming your payment details.

The day before your rental you will receive a text message confirming the time of pickup/delivery.

You will have to sign a rental agreement upon pick or delivery or a picture of a valid ID.

you will receive the sign in a box.

Once the duration of your rental is completed you must return the sign immediately for the next customers to rent. (only applies if you did not pay for delivery services, if paid for delivery service, one of our loyal team members will pick up the sign once the selected duration is completed

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