Ballerina Neon Sign


Size: S-55cm
Color: white
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The Ballerina Neon sign is made of a double layer of Flex Neon and a sturdy clear acrylic board cut to the edge of the design. This is the perfect wall art piece to add to your office, closet, room, or commercial WALL. Neonz specializes in high-quality wall art for modern homes and space. The size for this product can be only produced at this size based on the details of this logo.



  1. Size Availablity : 55cm, 85cm, 120cm, 150cm, 200cm
  2. neon type: PVC
  3. Black or white Ac adapter
  4. Wall attachments (holes in each corner for installation ) 
  5. Dimmer Remote

6. Clear Acrylic (Board)

7.  Color optional


If you are interested in adjusting anything on this sign feel free to contact us at


Production will take 3-7 business days 

Shipping is 1-3 days

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