Girls Girls Girls Neon Sign

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Girls Girls Girls Neon Sign


Buy this beautifully handmade neon sign and hang it on those boring empty walls in your housing or commercial space. Girl girls girls neon sign is just perfect for you. You can contact us to get fully modified.



  1. 4ft tall 3.75 ft wide
  2. neon type: PVC
  3. Black or white Ac adapter
  4. Wall attachments (holes in each corner for installation ) 
  5. Dimmer and Mulit-colour Remote

6. Clear Acrylic (Board)- Cut to whole

7.  Color: Fully Multicolored


If you would like to modify this sign, please contact support, and we are more than happy to help you


Neonz guarantees quality and your money's worth. This handmade neon flex sign is made with an acrylic board. We will print the Powerpuff girl on the board on the acrylic board, and then we will place the neon flex tube on the acrylic board to give it this beautiful end piece.


Neon Signs are famous for using backdrops and indoor commercial use to capture the attention of potential customers.





If you are interested in adjusting anything on this sign, feel free to contact us at


Production will take 3-7 business days 

Shipping is 1-3 days

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