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Sign only $

  • 1 day $35
  • 2 days $50
  • 3 days $65

Neon Sign Details

  • Condition:
  • Dimension:
  • Color: 

Extendable Grass Panel

  • 1 panel( 3ft x 6ft tall) $25
  • 2 panel ( 6ft x 6ft tall) $50
  • 3 panel ( 9ft wide x 6ft tall) $75
  • 4 panel (12ft wide x 6ft tall) $100
  • 5 panel ( 15ft wide x 6ft tall) $150
  • 6 panel (18ft wide x 6ft tall ) $175
  • 7 panel (21ft wide x 6ft tall ) $200
note: you will need support for these panels

Easy to manipulate

Expandable height and width

40 in x 80 in expandable laurel leaf trellis, covered in synthetic leaves for a decorative appearance

Lifelike hedges offer privacy and offers an economical alternative to traditional green space

Premium easy-to-install privacy solutions that are effortless, affordable and outstanding in value

UV-resistant high-quality synthetic leaves

Detachable Gold Circle Arch Stand

  • Gold (6ft x 6ft) $40
  • Silver (6ft x 6ft) $40



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